What to Expect From Your Real Estate Lawyer

When you purchase a home, you inherit the history of that property – from the quality of its construction to any previous owners' utility arrears, to land and mineral claims that other parties may have on it.

Links & Resources – Residential Real Estate in Ontario

We recommend these web sites as excellent sources of relevant information for home buyers and sellers.

Top Tips for a Successful Real Estate Transaction

No two real estate deals are the same, but the following steps generally apply to any successful home purchase.

Dual Transaction Real Estate Checklist

If you are both selling a home and buying a new one, this is what you can do to get ready for closing.

Home Sale Checklist

If you are selling a home, this is what you can do to get ready for closing.

Selling a Home in Ontario: What You Need to Know

Although it is the buyer's responsibility to perform due diligence on the legal health of the property, as a seller, you also have work to do!