Ontario New Home Warranty Program (Tarion): Whose Responsibility Is It?

Ontario New Home Warranty Program (Tarion): Whose Responsibility Is It?

Enacted in 1976, the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act (ONHWP) was created to protect the rights of new-home buyers and is being administered by the Tarion Warranty Corporation through its New Home Warranty Program.

As part of its powers, Tarion regulates new-home and condominium builders by ensuring that they abide by the terms of the ONHWP Act and Regulations. It also protects you, as a consumer, by intervening when builders fail to fulfill their warranty obligations.

As the regulator of Ontario’s new home building industry, the ONHWP serves the following functions:

  • registers new home builders and vendors;
  • enrolls new homes for warranty coverage;
  • investigates illegal building practices;
  • resolves warranty disputes between builders, vendors, and home owners;
  • promotes high standards of construction among Ontario’s new home builders; and
  • works with the industry to educate new-home buyers about their warranty rights.

It is the responsibility of your builder to enroll your home in the Warranty Program. You will be required to perform and sign off on a final inspection and will be provided with several documents for your records. As part of our fixed price for new-home purchases, we will review all such documents to ensure that your new-home purchase is a solid investment from a legal perspective.

If you would like to know more about the Warranty program, the Ontario new Home Warranties Plan Act, or your rights as a new home buyer, visit www.tarion.com. To proceed with a purchase through Guertin Poirier, please complete our INTAKE FORM.